Moorditj Keila Junior Basketball Club

Club History

Moorditj Keila Junior Basketball Club has been running for 17 years which comprises of players, coaches, parents and officials, all brought together in the common interest of enjoying Junior Basketball.

Moorditj Keila Junior Basketball Club aims to facilitate a healthy and competitive basketball competition throughout all of its’ divisions, with a strong emphasis on fairness, sportsmanship and cultural respect for all. The club values its parent, member and community support, which has allowed us to continue to grow. Further to this, the family strength of Moorditj Keila Junior Basketball Club creates our clubs’ strength.

Moorditj Keila Junior Basketball Club is a program of Moorditj Keila Inc which is a not-for-profit community group.

If your wanting to find our more information or put your child in a team please contact our Coordinators Coen Pickett 0431140912 and Tamara Cummins on 0415165364 for more information

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